Coffee and conversations.

Often with conversations at work, a cup of coffee cradled in your hand, is part of the natural process.

Whether it is a mutual decision beforehand to grab a coffee before your formal or informal catch up or whether a coffee is consumed at the end of the discussion, coffee forms part of the all-important office network repertoire. 

The simple act of holding a cup of hot coffee may suggest feelings of warmth and may activate feelings associated with trust and comfort, qualities that are always beneficial in a productive and busy environment.

If your day is not going as well as hoped, or the next meeting is anticipated to be a challenging one, grab yourself a coffee to give you that boost you need.

Starting conversations about coffee

And you always can be certain that there is never a shortage of topics when it comes to talking about coffee itself.

What is your favourite coffee?

Have you tried a mocha?

Where in the world have you have the ultimate coffee experience?

How long have you lasted without having a coffee?

There is always plenty to talk about when the subject is around coffee!

The list is endless!

Krema and the coffee experience

At Krema, we pride ourselves in making the coffee making process at work as easy as possible.  With one touch (or even touchless if you like!) a perfect cup of coffee to whatever style or strength you are after is created, just for you!

So, whether it is the elusive pick me up you are before a challenging meeting or a celebratory caffeine hit after a positive work pow wow, you can be guaranteed that coffee has your back with every conversation you create and encounter.