Coffee bean preference?

At Krema, we love and appreciate that coffee aromas and tastes are varied and diverse.  While some love a nuttier aroma with a sharp and robust taste with others preferring coffee beans with a spicier perfume and a more warming and tangy flavour, it all comes down to personal preference.

When it is time for our Krema customers to choose their coffee beans, it is important we give them plenty to choose from.  In fact, Krema offers five delicious varieties – to suit a myriad of preferences and favourites.

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The Signature line features a smooth Arabica, strong Italian blend and a Columbian medium roast.

As espresso, a honey-like syrup sweetness is present coupled with rich acidity making it beautifully balanced in the cup.

“This is the most popular Krema blend and is perfect for a short black or as latte.  The coffee beans dance on your tongue.  It is simply an experience.”

Worldly flavour done fairly

The Fair Trade focuses on ethically sourced, fair-trade varieties sourced from South America.

This range is roasted light to medium with floral notes, this coffee is pleasing on the palate. A truly exquisite roast sourced from origins specialising in Fairtrade.

“Knowing that each cup of Fair Trade coffee is ethically sourced, does make a difference.  And it tastes wonderful as well.”

Make mine Italian

The Italian by Krema features the very best single origin artisan coffee for the most discerning coffee drinkers.

This rich Italian coffee is designed for the hardened espresso drinker. Full bodied blend rich in quality. Complex and intense with distinct floral notes and a citric acidity rounded off with smooth dark cocoa.

“With this coffee bean recipe, you know you are experiencing something special.”

Express yourself

For the lovers of a sweeter coffee, with caramel, hazelnut and milk chocolate notes, the award-winning Expression range is smooth and sweet and like a sweet song, is full of rich harmony.

Expression coffee is a true celebration of the Brazilian coffee experience, a true carnival on your palette.

For the ultimate coffee experience

For the ultimate in coffee connoisseurs, the composition of beans from Tanzania and Colombia Supremo is incomparable.

Full roast development of this coffee provides notes of smoky hazelnut-chocolate, complemented by spiced stone fruit and cream.

This full bodied, bold but smooth coffee has notes of dark chocolate and Smokey burnt butter sauce, finishing with almond cream on the palette.