Don’t water down the importance of H2O in the office – Eliqua.

You know the days in the office when you feel you can barely come up for air?

Deadlines looming, reports due and a diary of meetings to attend.  Sometimes, you tend to ‘forget’ to do the simplest of tasks to keep you well and productive.  And that includes having enough water during your working day.

Eliqua, the the leaders in superior drinking water solutions, unpacks why water consumption should not be bypassed, but in fact, prioritized.

While it may be easier to reach over for a can of soft drink or an energy drink, think twice, and grab a glass of water.  Soft drinks are not full of calories, they are high in sugar and harmful to your health. And if you want to mix up your water intake, consider flavouring your water with mint or lemon.

Take the time to choose a reusable water bottle that you love.  That way, refilling it does not become a chore but something to look forward to.  Often, it is the smallest of pleasures which become the catalysts for bigger joys.

Set yourself realistic water intake goals where you actually look forward to your next glass of water. Often it is those unrealistic goals which create angst and you just throw your hands up in the air and forget about it or put in the too hard basket.