Getting festive with coffee

As the festivities ramp up in 2021, coffee can become one of the focal points of your celebrations in the office.

For many, receiving a Christmas gift around coffee is wonderful tradition – from a coffee hamper, featuring an array of coffee beans to beautiful personal coffee cups to enjoy your coffee in – it is certainly a year-round festivity to relish and enjoy.

In the office, you can certainly get into the Christmas spirit by creating your very own Christmas coffee, using your Krema coffee machine of course!

With your freshly brewed Krema long black coffee, simply add in a touch of sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. Top off with whipped cream and decorate with green and red sprinkles.  It is not only delicious but will certainly get our colleagues and guest into the festive spirit.

For the after-work coffee indulgence, why not try a very festive Irish Coffee.  Simply have a Krema long black in a long glass, add some vanilla and a dash of Irish whiskey.  Top it off with whipped cream, some ground nutmeg and a couple of whole coffee beans.

For the lovers of gingerbread, why not try a gingerbread latte.  All you will need is a shot of Krema coffee, and into the warm milk you add a touch of vanilla, a teaspoon of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon of ground ginger and a pinch of nutmeg.  That is the ultimate Christmas drink all rolled into one.

From the entire team at Krema, we wish you Happy Holidays with your family and friends and may your 2022 be a year of great success and happiness