How to stay hydrated at work.

Staying hydrated, especially during a hectic workday is king.  Whether you have your go-to sport bottle, indulge in carbonated water or simply get a glass of water from the tap, keeping up with your water intake is vital for optimal health.

Eliqua, the leaders in superior drinking water solutions, share three ways to increase your water consumption at home while you work.

Setting a daily goal – If you set a clear objective on the amount of water you want to drink, based on your fluid needs, then you have a greater chance in achieving those goals.  Be specific and realistic on what you want to consumer so that way it is not an arduous task, but a goal driven to be achieved.  For example, drinking one glass of water per hour at work

Go reusable – The convenience of having a reusable water bottle allows you to have it onside in meetings, when you are on an exercise break or completing reports.  The ease of refilling your favourite bottle where you can sip throughout the day will allow you to get through your hydration goals.

Replace other drinks with water – If you are partial to soft drinks or energy drinks, try and swap them with water instead.  High in sugar, these drinks are harmful to your health and are choc-a-block with empty calories.  If you want to mix things up with your water, try flavouring your water with fruits including lemon or cucumber.

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