Impressing your office guests with coffee.

You have all heard the saying ‘dress to impress’, now it is time to woo your guests at work by showering them with great coffee upon arrival.

There is nothing like giving your guests a genuine warm welcome into the office before an important meeting  – and do that with great coffee by Krema.

Whether it is a short black, long latte or macchiato, a coffee is a perfect way to share a break with colleagues and stakeholders.

Often after a marathon presentation or workshop, a coffee is also the ideal go-to beverage to pause and reload, also creating an opportunity to digress from the business to a more social flavour.  But coffee is also a perfect vehicle to stay focussed, giving you the must-have pick me up on a challenging or hectic day.

First impressions count, and with coffee, you are almost certain that your office guests will remember the simple, yet important gesture in offering a great cup of coffee.

What often happens at a coffee moment is that while you have a robust exchange of ideas and discussions, the coffee, which is cradling in your palm, gives you a sense of comfort that may help your clarity and conviction.

So the next time you are wanting to impress guests in your office, rather than the hurried café run which turns to a 30-minute affair, consider moseying onto you all-new Krema coffee machine and create the ultimate coffee fix, in a matter of seconds, first time, every time.

Then you can get on with business.