Keeping up with hydration to support your mental health

Drinking plenty of water undoubtedly supports your physical health, from aiding in digestion, circulation and the ability for your body to absorb nutrients.

Good hydration is also fundamental in maintaining your mental health.  If you do not have enough water, you may feel more anxious, a bit more tense, tired and even moody.

So if you are feeling thirsty, don’t delay – have a drink of water – it is that simple.

At work, we often forget to think about having enough water as there is some much going on – the deadlines, the meetings, ZOOM calls and the all-day workshops.  Before you know, it by noon, you have forgotten to eat or drink anything and that is not great.

Water intake should be part of your daily habits at work, like having breaks and taking a breather. Water is the time to rest and reload – your mind and body will thank you for it.

And if you have access to a premium water dispenser, like Eliqua, you can develop a healthy rhythm of water intake and maintain an equilibrium of health, happiness and concentration at work.

To keep up with your water consumption, keep water close to you, use water intake apps so you can monitor your intake and fulfil your water quota before it is time to go to bed.

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Staying hydrated will never so enjoyable!