Let’s meet for coffee

Coffee is so much more than that satisfying a tasty caffeine fix.

Coffee is also a catalyst for social connection and nostalgia.  It is the go-to salutation and invitation that you make in many social and workplace situations.

Meeting for coffee plays an important role in a plethora of scenarios.  Whether it is catching up for a meeting or going through a document or an idea with a colleague, a coffee in the hand creates a welcoming comfort buffer that informalises an often-intense or challenging situation.

A catch up over coffee could also be the circuit breaker you need when meeting new faces or finalising negotiations.  You can always rely on a coffee to be a catalyst for positivity and productivity.

And when you have Krema by your side, you can be certain that every coffee moment will be a memorable one.

Krema’s sophisticated, hassle-free and satisfying approach to coffee in the office is just the formula you need to make lasting impressions with every coffee catch up you make.

When you have Krema, you have the ultimate coffee solution.