Office coffee confessions

For many coffee connoisseurs, their coffee confessions around their daily coffee habits at work are firmly secured to their chest.  Whether it is mixing the sugar and milk thoroughly before the coffee goes in or stirring their cup anti clockwise for good luck, their idiosyncrasies are what make their coffee habits important to them.

Office behaviour is often dictated by the coffee quantities or lack of at certain times of the day. For some colleagues, they may as well wear a T-shirt emblazoned with “I have not had my first coffee yet” to justify their moody behaviour!

With coffee confessions, it often comes with getting the perfect balance right on timing and consumption.   It is that ideal equilibrium which makes for a happy coffee aficionado.

Other coffee confessions at work include:

  • You cannot imagine tackling your daily workload without caffeine
  • You tell everyone your preferred coffee is a long black but you secretly love an 
  • almond milk cappuccino with extra chocolate topping
  • If given the opportunity I would prefer to get my coffee at 70 degrees but 
  • unfortunately, I am too shy to mention it
  • No one knows that I switch to decaffeinated coffee after lunch time

By having Krema in your office, you will generate a comradery amongst the team as it is a level playing field of quality coffee offering. It is that simple!

What is your coffee confession?