The lure of returning to the office.

Sure, there are a lot of benefits to working from home – no travel time, the convenience and the novelty of wearing slippers all day.

But the lure of returning to the office beckons for many.

Missing your space at work

While your home is your castle, it may not have been the ideal working station.  From kids online schooling,  sharing desk space to not having a space at all for those all-important ZOOM meetings – and there were a few of those!

At work, you have your own space, where you can personalise and take care of, without interruptions.  And the opportunity to meander to the coffee machine (Krema, of course!) for your daily caffeine hit sings like a sweet symphony as part of your working day.

Colleague connections

While online meetings played a prolific part of the best part of the last 18 months, it cannot compare to face-to-face meetings at work, sharing ideas and conversations – and that is usually over a coffee or two!

Running an idea or two with your colleagues as you walk to your next meeting injects a level of productive intimacy that is often challenging to be achieved via an email or three!

And while it is rare to take that formal lunch break at home, the work environment lends itself to connecting with others, even if it is over a game of office table tennis!

The social clusters

Whether it is the Monday motivator meetings to set us up for the week to the Friday night social catch ups, the authentic friendships created at work are invaluable.

Setting up social gatherings is often quite a bit of work to organise but face to face get togethers comes from a swift call and shout out!

Whatever the reasons are for you, we look forward to seeing you back at work soon!