The value of the next coffee break.

As we all start trickling back to the office, it is important, that as part of the reconnecting and rejuvenation process, to take time out to reload and refuel.

Being able to step away from the computer, grab a coffee with your colleagues and switch off, even if it is for ten minutes, is invaluable.

The coffee making ritual is a therapeutic one – and so it should be.

The anticipation of walking to the alluring Krema machine, contemplating what tickles your coffee fancy, is a small pleasure to relish and enjoy daily.

And that process can be enjoyed with your fellow co-workers.  Think about a group collaborative approach in grabbing your favourite coffee, to reset your thoughts and enjoy the banter with colleagues.  Coffee and conversation go hand in hand – the organic nature of the process is a wonderful catalyst in workshopping ideas and potentially putting a spotlight on issues which need to be addressed.  Sometimes the opportunity to walk away from a challenging situation, having a coffee, and returning with a fresh perspective is just what you need to tackle it with clarity and conviction.

Coffee also encourages a positive office culture – creating an upbeat environment in nurturing a space which allows team members to chat, collaborate and unpack issues at hand. The opportunity to get to know your colleagues more, who you spend 8-10 hours a day with, makes sense.  And doing so over a cup of coffee just makes it even more satisfying.

Not to oversimplify things, but coffee does make people happy in the office, especially if it is a vehicle for team members to take a well-earned short breather.

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