Three ways coffee can benefit your office environment.

As we all start heading back to the office after a well-deserved break, we start to re-wire our body clock to get the most of our day.

And what better way to get back into the rhythm of the office week than to plan our all-important coffee breaks and pick me ups.

But why is our coffee at work so important?

First up, coffee can be a solo indulgence.  If you feel you want to escape for a short time, especially after a hectic or intense meeting, a coffee for one usually does the trick. It is the perfect time to reflect and refuel at your pace and in silence.

Coffee in the office can also be foundation to a conversation starter with a colleague. 

Sharing ideas and unpacking what was discussed in a meeting or workshop, over a coffee, can be a catalyst for fresh outcomes and possibilities.

Coffee can also be the ultimate ice-breaker for a large group in the office, especially with new faces and new conversations.  Coming together for a communal coffee is certainly a satisfying experience,’

Make coffee in the office part of your 2024 repertoire- the Krema way!