Top three coffee times while you work.

Is there ever a bad time to have a coffee?  For most of us who are regular coffee drinkers, we often have a set coffee routine, especially during the busy working week.  Coffee is not only loved for its aroma and flavour, but it becomes an integral part of your daily repertoire, and it is often pivotal in getting us through the marathon meetings, report creations and endless emails.

While many of us who continue to work from home, the need for coffee certainly does not waver.  If anything, the love and (need) for coffee amplifies to another level as we head into the home office or study nook to crack on with our day.

Krema, the industry leader in supplying premium business espresso without the hassles, shares their insights on the trifecta of times a coffee certainly hits the spot, especially during your working week.

Morning magic

Having a cup of coffee in the morning is undoubtedly a multi-sensory experience.  From the lingering and hypnotic fragrance, the sound of the grinding coffee beans, the delicate tinkle of the coffee brewing to the anticipation and joy of the first sip, it is simplest of joys to embrace. 

If this doesn’t kick start your day, we’re not sure what will!

Mid-morning top up

By mid-morning with a few meetings and lots of emails under your belt, the second cup of coffee may be beckoning. Whether it is a short black, tall latte or a cappuccino,  the short journey to your coffee machine to make your mid-morning coffee is often more tempting than the first!

Now you are ready to tackle the rest of the day!

Mid-afternoon pick me up

While many opt for a sweet or savoury treat in the afternoon to get them through the home straight, others may skip the mid-morning coffee and relish the opportunity to have a coffee then.  

The mid-afternoon coffee may be exactly what you need to keep you energised and focused!

From all the team at Krema, we hope you continue to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and that certainly includes coffee!