Water and coffee – a match made in heaven.

We always love the great dynamic duos.  Whether it is Batman and Robin, Sherlock and Watson, as well as Han Solo and Chewbacca (if you are a Star Wars fan) –  they have the tremendous capacity to leave an impression.

Water and coffee are also a great duo that need to be celebrated, especially in the office.

The joy and convenience in having fresh, chilled water readily available for staff and visitors to cleanse the palate prior to having a coffee is undeniable.

And with Eliqua’s sleek and smart water dispensing system, the water is not only chilled, it can also be sparkling!

By drinking sparkling water prior to drinking your cup of coffee, you will cleanse your palate before the first sip of coffee, so that you can fully appreciate the flavour, and filter out more intense flavours that may overpower the taste.

And it is also very European!

Adding these simple, yet significant changes in your office kitchen or workspace, will make a world of difference.

And having the polished Krema machine alongside the sleek Eliqua water dispenser is a match made in heaven.